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Monday, 20 January 2020


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A small former Dutch territory (still part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands) this tiny island nation has, largely in part to it’s stunning beaches and year round sunshine, become a popular holiday spot with fun seekers, sun seekers and attracts visitors year round from Europe, North and South America. The island territory finally achieveing its independence from Holland in 1986.

At only 69 sq miles (178 sq km) and with a population of just over 100,000 it is always a busy country at any time of day. By day tourists are relaxing on the beaches and by night enjoying the great night-life that abounds everywhere.

The island is a destination to be enjoyed on its own or in conjunction with the other Dutch islands of Curacao (more known for culture and history and also great beaches) and Bonaire (especially known for being quiet, nature orientated and one of the best dive destinations on the planet.)

The landscape is arid and the cactus is the predominant plant as soon as you get out of the city limits. Despite the harsh temperatures there is an 18 hole challenging golf course and plenty of off shore diving, snorkeling, boating related tourism activities. Huge amounts of cruise ships come in and out of Aruba daily and the down town area can be often congested but every

Temperatures are a balmy 31.5 c (88.7f) average with little variation and cooling trade winds and lower humidity, keeps things cooler than the temperatures purport. Only in November, December and January is a little rain expected and for the rest it is mostly bone dry year round.

The thriving Beach, entertainment destination is a perfect combination with Surinames’ interior Rainforest experience as a two centre holiday and there is a daily flight between the two nations.

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