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Monday, 20 January 2020


One of the owners of Suriname Travel Services went fishing for the first time in his life on the Kabalebo River deep in the Amazon rainforest region. On the first cast he pulled out a 28 pound Trahera (Wolf Fish) 2 pounds larger than the one caught on River Monsters – welcome to Suriname fishing!

The rivers are teeming with oversized fish of all descriptions and famous anglers visit year after year to set new world records – of course the country is careful to instill a catch and release attitude to preserve the wildlife for all to enjoy.

Our fishing tour focuses on three areas: Suriname River accessible from the city, Amazon Rainforest and the artificial dam at Brokopondo where it’s easy to snag yellow bass and large piranha!

Not convinced? Check out the photos and then give us a call!

Best time of year for fishing – August to April 


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