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Monday, 20 January 2020


Websites gushing with superlatives and fancy photos are not always accurate and often depict only the best room or the photos they want you to see – we have slept in the beds, eaten in the restaurant, know the location and know the owners, managers and staff so that when we make a recommendation, we are close to the action and know where we are sending you for the night. Suriname has no recognizable star rating system like Europe and the Americas so we have done our best, since one of the company owners has been in hotels for over 30 years, to pitch the stars based on Western standards rather than perceived local standards. Rating a remote jungle lodge is an impossible task so instead of stars we have given them leaves based on the level of comfort and service that visitors can expect being so remote and far from the grid.

Royal Torarica
This is Paramaribos premier hotel and suitably designed to provide comfort at every corner. The sumptuous décor, the modern design features, the quality of service all come together to make this the first choice for discerning clients looking for the most upscale hotel in the city.  The location is right in the heart of the tourist zone and on the banks of the river.

Sister hotel to the Royal Torarica and set up as a full service holiday and business hotel. The Torarica offers a host of facilities to cover all needs for those seeking  a little quality and all the trappings imaginable without the sting in the price tag.

Eco Resort
This is the budget option in the Torarica hotel group. Well located near the river and the adjascent ?????? Factory it offers comfort and some services at very affordable rates.

With a fantastic city centre location in easy walking of the shopping areas, this very modern hotel offers comfortable rooms, well designed public spaces and several branded food options.

Although this hotel is branded as a lead in price Marriott, its design, location, food and beverage options and rooms lay out put it into a much higher category and very much enjoyed by the North American visitor looking for the leading US brand in town


Although Kabalebo is not the most luxurious jungle outpost in Suriname, it is by far the best jungle option in terms of layout, touring options, friendliness of staff and efficiency in an extremely remote and rural location. For anyone wanting to experience the Amazon with an above average supply of comforts than could be expected, then this is the top choice. With a private airstrip, swimming pool and some of the best fishing and jungle hiking in South America Kabalebo is a unique jungle experience. And the three river front cabanas are a must for those looking for total solemnity to escape the planet for a while!

Berg en Dal
Pure luxury in a jungle setting – right on the river and offering every possible touch of class and comfort.  The aromas and sounds of the jungle surround you as you relax into a jungle house or river front cabin and use the property as your base for a few days of exploring the surrounding jungle and reservoir – for adrenalin junkies an elevated zip line across the river below is a thrill not to be missed.


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