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Monday, 20 January 2020

Suriname is a kaleidoscope of colours, aromas and noises that raise your senses to new levels of awareness of the world around you.

Our signature tours start with an introduction to the dynamic city of Paramaribo with its wooden structures and the historical plantations, which conjure up memories of a bygone era.

No visit to Suriname is complete without a visit to the pristine Amazon rain forest, accessible only by air, with it’s stunning array of flora, fauna, wildlife, peace and solemnity. In the rainforest you will enjoy many up close experiences with wildlife as you travel by small dugout canoes and trekking through the canopy on foot.

We take you back to Parimaribo after your rainforest immersion and head by river in a canoe to visit the area inhabited by the “Maroons” an African people who remained in Suriname voluntarily after the abolition of slavery. They still live largely today as they did in yesteryear.

If culture is your thing, then you can extend your trip with a visit to visit some Amerindian villages, the original indigenous tribes who populated Suriname hundreds of years before.

We have carefully put together packages like the one mentioned here which cover: Nature, Culture, History, Adventure and City high-lights, and happy to provide you with a tailor made package on request.


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