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Monday, 20 January 2020

We strongly advise all travellers to take out adequate insurance to cover all possible eventualities of your visit to the region including health protection. We will not be able to make refunds for situations outside of our control such as but not limited to weather situations in destination or in your home country, situations such as strikes or civil commotion in your own country that prevent you from travelling on your original dates, airline disruptions, travel delays, health issues or any other global or local situation that forces a change in your travel plans.

Ensure that you check with your home Doctor prior to travel about his or her recommendations prior to your trip, we do not know your own physical capability or health and would not present ourselves as medical experts. We are travel experts, but remember to advise us during the booking stage about your physical condition as some tours and trips require a level of physical exertion and we want to make sure your journey will be remembered for being a great fit with your physical ability and desired expectations.

We plan to be able to offer our own recommendation for travel insurance in the near future, meanwhile, please check only with reliable and known service providers in your home country.

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